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About Us

Dixie Traders


Our owners have always had a passion for cars and firearms. Both Curt and Matt individually bring unique skill sets and knowledge to what we do. Our experiences and love for all things Auto and Firearms have brought us together to share our passions with the world. We strive to maintain an inventory of projects and turn key options for all budgets in the auto and firearm realm. We have been in this business a LONG time and are happy to put our knowledge to work for you. If we don't have what you are looking for, we have 50 years of worldwide contacts to pull from-we can locate ANYTHING! We also have to mention our resident antique firearm and pre-1900 relics expert, John Young.  He has 50+ years of professional antique firearm experience himself and the pre-1900 firearm world and pre-1900 US History are in his wheelhouse of knowledge and expertise, not to exclude a plethora of information on Native American Indians and artifacts from the same era.

What We Look For


"I've never seen a car or firearm I didn't like" is our motto! Sure, we might have disagreements on the details but all are welcome.  We pride ourselves on the diversity of items our business has to offer. From the most experienced gear heads to the novice firearms collectors-we've got you covered!

Where To Find Us


We may not have as many cars as Seinfeld or Leno, but we have a diverse, exciting collection for sale or trade. You can catch us at a few local "car nights" per month and the regional antique and modern firearms shows